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Originally commissioned in 2012 as the sound component of a gallery installation, 'vessel' is a single 68'54" ambient work designed to provide a setting for contemplation of the impact of violent crime on the families and loved ones left behind. As visitors to the installation viewed hundreds of basket-like wire sculptures which were lit so that they cast long shadows on the white walls of the gallery (one such 'vessel' for each homicide in just one year in Philadelphia), the music played on an endless loop; it was designed to have no specific beginning or end so that visitors to the gallery could enter or leave at any point.


released April 27, 2014

Composed and produced by Tim Nelson in late 2012 at Le Croissant Fertile, Cape Elizabeth, Maine, USA.

In case anyone's wondering, here's what you're hearing:
Acoustic guitars (of the six-string Washburn, twelve-string Takamine, Nashville-strung six-string Epiphone, nylon string KazuoYairi and fretless nylon string Yamaha varieties), gusli, ukelin, zither, waterphone, cello, viola, violin, bass, clarinet, dulcimer, mellotron, piano, organs, gongs, cymbals, chimes, bells, glockenspiel, vocals, field recordings and processing. There's also a little bit of synthesizer, but a lot less than you might think.



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tim nelson

Tim Nelson is a film composer, sound designer and multi-instrumentalist session musician/producer. He has since 2007 been a frequent collaborator with award-winning filmmakers/animators the Quay Brothers.

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